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Yesh. 4am and I'm still awake. What's wrong with me? I know what the deal is, I can't get him off my mind. I'm obsessing over some guy I hardly know, that I only have talked to a couple times, and I'm obsessing over him because of his fucking brother. Ok, here's the scoop. We were all at this overnight thing for the church. Rather we all are at an overnight thing, I snuck into one of the offices to use their PC. *evil grin* Anyway, something happened to this guy's younger brother, he got in a fight with someone or pissed off one of the chaperones, I wasn't there for that part. Anyway, now his brother is brooding in a corner. This brooding bro, that's who I'm obsessing over. I don't want to say his name here, so we'll call him B.

*sigh* Rather pathetic. He'll never look at me, I know it. I'm too young for him. I can't wait until two years doesn't make a difference any more. I mean, I'm fucking 16! He's 18, so that makes him taboo. But god, all I want to do is go and comfort him. Make him feel better and forget about whatever shit his brother is in.

Oh fuck! Someone's walking through the hall - I'd better go before I get in trouble.

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